Today, we will introduce you to Dragon Tiger, an online slot game from PG SLOT with a dragon and tiger theme.

Chinese fortunate animals endowed with both strength and fortune fortunate dragon slot game It is a simple game to play. Bet is more valuable than wagers on other online gambling games. The fact that this game has a high RTP of 96.94% makes it a really intriguing one. Therefore, you should not avoid investing. Details regarding this slot machine game We may continue to communicate. Recommended videogames: Dragon Legend Dragon legend game

Dragon Tiger Game Specifics and Exceptional Symbols

The video slot game Dragon Tiger has 3 reels and 2 rows. There are no Wild symbols or Scatter symbols in this game, but the bonus chance is up to 200x and there are a total of six symbols. The standard icons are tiger and dragon claws. Regarding special symbols, there are four varieties:

The Golden Dragon is a unique symbol that offers the greatest payoff in the slot game fortunate dragon. Excellent odds of 100 times

The golden tiger is a frequently published special emblem. and provides a maximum wager of 100 times the initial wager.

Golden tiger receives the following betting odds from the silver dragon: 50 times.

The silver tiger represents up to 50 times the odds.

Regarding the allocation of additional rewards, players have a negligible impact. And also have the opportunity to win prizes on reels 1 and 2, as well as a jackpot worth up to 3,000 times your wager. However, it has been entertaining and lucrative for many gamblers.

How to utilize the Dragon Tiger game’s menu bar


Tap the button to spin the betting wheel. And can be tapped to pause the rotation and stop the timer. Pressing the Spin button will continue to spin the reels. until the button may be released by the hand


To automatically stop the wheel from spinning Select this button. The number on the button indicates the number of remaining Auto Spin pauses. Recommended reading: the most accurate AI slot formula currently available.

Optional Spin

Set the rotational speed to both standard and turbo.

There includes an Auto Spin setting for spinning the reels automatically. in addition to setting the automated rotation cycle

It is a button that players may use to stop the reels after they have amassed sufficient wins.

What is Free Spin and why do you need to know about it before playing slots?

Bet Option

This is a button for configuring betting settings. Players can predetermine how much they will get as prizes. This option immediately stops the automated rotations. When a player gets more than fifty percent of the predetermined prize money On the other hand, players can press this button to halt the auto-spin. When the wager is less than the set amount to prevent losing more money than previously.

If you manually press the spin button, your odds of winning are greater.

The fortunate dragon slot game does indeed have an automated spin option. But if the player wants to play and have a chance to win and earn a profit, he or she should always manually push the spin button. Due to the fact that counting the stroke around the spin rotation will utilize the AI system to compute the counting times to calculate the game’s bonus, For the method of pressing, spinning, and spinning alone Should not be pushed once the wheel has stopped turning. When pushing, there should be a rhythm, such as stopping totally and counting 1-2 in your head or setting the speed yourself.

Consequently: Dragon Tiger slot game betting algorithm with four plus one steps

Betting on slot machines typically necessitates the use of specific formulas or playing strategies. To earn more reward money using this 4+1 method, you must count the spin rounds. By establishing the opening minimum wager first Then, spin the wheel four times and increase the betting rate for the fifth round. and proceed to spin Repeat if the player is fortunate enough to win the round of modified bet rates. will earn back a great deal of money

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Dragon Tiger is unlike any other slot machine game. But it is also a game that gamers may use to generate money. Let’s test your luck with the fortunate dragon slot machine. Because this slot game prioritizes winnings. and has an excellent payout rate Unquestionably like the gambler Apply for membership, receive free credit with every deposit on the website’s homepage, or email information to the staff using LINE@, and immediately begin earning money from popular casino games such as online slots.

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